Summarize and preparing for the new year, the year of knowledge

On December 13, Moscow will host the VIII annual industry event KM RUSSIA. Traditional summing up of the year. Best practices from around the world, key experts, new methods and tools. And, as before, the event is created in collaboration and co-creation: the business school MIRBIS – the key partner of RUSSIA KM since 2010, KM- Alliance– associate and co-author of the program since 2014, MYMOP and KVK EMPIRE is a reliable and like-minded partners since 2016. KM RUSSIA 2017is held in cooperation with the G-LINK!

This year, the key attention is dedicated to three key areas:

  • Key trends and relevant management standards knowledge,
  • Modern methods and approaches for managing key knowledge and intangible assets,
  • Collaboration technologies. The development and scaling of co-creative and collaborative culture.

The program of the business-congress includesboth representatives of communities and events in Russia andworldwide knownexperts: KM Asia, KM Singapore, KM Australia, KM Bangkok, KM India, KM UK, and others, which allow to see a complete picture of the development of KM as a business approach.


Today business sees one of the key challenges — it’s not just to share best practices, to create portals of knowledge and to identify the best experts. Critically importantfor the success of a company is how well the company operatesits intangible assets, it means how it identifies, stores, uses, creates value, measures and developing these assets. Today it’s no matter if you need itthe business. There is one question: how to do it faster than your competitors.

Over the past 30 years, the percentage of intangible assets in the TOP 500 companies with the highest capitalization (the S&P 500) rose from 16.8 to 79.7

— Parr R.L., Smith G.V.: Intellectual property


  • Procedures and tools to identify the key intangible assets of a company, registration and protection
  • New ISO standards in the field of management qualityand asset,system of knowledge management – what they mean for business, challenges and benefits. How the introduction of new requirements will change the business model and the key functional units
  • 6 the key indicators for business assessing: how well you use the knowledge for the growth of business value (the experience of Russian companies)
  • Annual results of development of KM in Russia: news of industry communities, interactive map of industry, infrastructure projects for experts and specialists of the industry
  • Technology of team building and decision-making in groups. Culture as the basis for effective knowledge management
  • From open innovation to open companies. How co-creation will allow you to continually innovate, driving recommendations, and to involve customers into development of the company
  • Regular and managed innovation: how to involve employees and the entire supply chain to create greater value and efficiency gains
  • КонкCompetition in the world of big data. The role of IT and big data in the development of KM and the new knowledge economy. Requirements for the IT infrastructure to accelerate the creation and transfer of knowledge in communities
  • Community as the main resource of the knowledge economy: from communities of practice to communities of innovation
  • Creation of new high-competitive and high-margin products based on intangible assets in the new economic environment
  • Development of innovative and creative culture of the company to achieve outstanding results

For the first time in the country, KM Russia will present a new format of programs created through collaboration with G-LINK – Global Leaders Who Innovate The Next Knowledge. It was developed and successfully implemented for 2017 in collaboration with experts from KMGM Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Russia and other countries leaders in the field of KM.

The main value and difference isall of us – experts and participants – gather together not only to exchange knowledge but also to CREATE new knowledge. The knowledge which everyone can apply in their projects and to get value.

As before, KM Russia unite together everyine who applies and extracts value from knowledge management: industrial communities and the sites, largekey Russian business, progressive small and medium business, international and Russian experts, universities and tools specialists.

You can send yoursuggestions and strengthening for the program (topics, experts, formats) to e-mail: