KM triggers the development of an organization, shortens the processes and allows creating new products, services and clients due to interactions between different ecosystems.

Opportunities that KM provides:

  1. In terms of vision and strategy
  • Forecasting the future: tendencies and opportunities.
  • Entering new markets before competitors.
  • Building new business-models.
  • Reacting and adapting to environmental changes faster than competitors.
  1. In terms of culture and interactions:
  • Achieving collaborative culture and avoiding conflicts.
  • Creating the knowledge database. Knowing what the organization knows.
  • Keeping the knowledge within an organization, allowing fast access to the knowledge.
  • Sharing the knowledge faster.
  • Increasing the quality and quickness of decision-making process.
  • Increasing the competence to provide evidence in decision-making process.
  • Decreasing the time costs in terms of reducing the number of meetings.
  1. In terms of co-creation:
  • Enhancing customers’ satisfaction.
  • Increasing customers’ trust.
  • Improving the quality of products and services.
  • Developing different organizations’ levels.
  • Increasing the value of an organization.

KM Russia 2015

Key event on knowledge management in Russia

KM Russia is a part of KM events in the world:

  • 28-29 of January — KM legal Europe 2015
  • 19-20 of March — KM India 2015
  • 10-11 of June — KM UK 2015
  • 2-4 of September – KM Singapore 2015
  • 2-5 of November — KM World 2015
  • 8-19 of November — KM Аsia 2015
  • 26-27 of November — KM Russia 2015